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Author Annabelle McInnes Releases New Dystopian Romance – The Matriarch
September 28, 2020 | Breaking News
Author Annabelle McInnes Releases New Dystopian Romance – The Matriarch Author Annabelle McInnes is pleased to announce the upcoming release of her new dystopian romance novel, The Matriarch. Scheduled for release on October 12, 2020, by AKM Publishing Pty Ltd the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers. This is the first book in the Women of the Dust Series. Her citizens are oppressed. His society is diminishing. In a frantic bid for survival, can their fiery union save their peoples? On a scorched and barren future Earth, Yolanda is her people’s only hope. As Matriarch of an all-female nation, the battle-hardened commander fights an impossible war while desperately seeking a way to stop her subjects from dying of thirst. But when the enemy king is beheaded by his own...

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