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Author P.G. Shriver Releases New Teen Superhero Novel - Paradise Rising
June 02, 2020 | Breaking News
Author P.G. Shriver Releases New Teen Superhero Novel - Paradise Rising Best-selling author P.G. Shriver is pleased to announce the release of her new teen superhero novel, Paradise Rising. Released on June 1, 2020 by Gean Penny Books, the book is receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers. This is book one in The Gifted Ones series. San Antonio, Texas. Thirteen-year-old Cheater isn’t sure how she ended up wanted for murder. Burdened with a power she doesn’t understand, that’s triggered by a creeping darkness she can’t remember, she’s both saved and taken lives. But when she makes a vigilante move to stop a mugging, she encounters a boy who might be the key to cracking the mystery of her strange gift. Fifteen-year-old Jaz has survived too many tragedies to stay on the right...

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Thirst Of The Rain God
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Whom Shall I Marry... An Earl or A Duke?
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