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HOT NEW REVIEW:  ★★★★★ Stranger Abduction "A GRIPPING STORY"
Billy Ray ChitwoodBilly Ray Chitwood |  September 20, 2018 | Breaking News
A GRIPPING STORY Inspired by Actual Facts The story is a frightening one - the abduction of a mother and her daughter, but it becomes a haunting masterpiece through the writing skill of the author. I was entranced by Billy Ray Chitwood's ability to create a scene through description and dialogue. Characters emerge warts and all; they are believable, they are people you might know. We travel with them through time and shifting circumstances and experience their world through the writer's able pen. This is a gripping story based on actual events, but it is also a beautifully structured novel. Gwendolyn Plano November 26, 2017

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The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy
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Top Book Reviews

Just Beyond Daybreak
"fantastic book "
Christmas with Grandpa
" I loved this book! Children will love the wonderful message of caring and generosity shown by a little boy...."
" You say you want a revolution? Well, you know... Following right on the heels of Counteract, Resist takes us..."
Moving to Desire, Book four of the Rolling Thunder Series
" "Dog Days of Summer" by PJ Fiala is a real treat. As romances go this has great chemistry and..."
Tour De Europa
" I recently reviewed two of Mark Binmore's books and this book Tour De Europa goes behind the scenes as..."
Dancing with Armando
"“Dancing with Armando” is a book that puts in comparison not only three different women, at different ages, but as..."
Ice on the Bay
" Ice On The Bay by Dale and Kathleen Lehman is a marvellous contemporary murder suspense. It is the third..."
The Cat Wore Electric Goggles
" “The Cat Wore Electric Goggles” by Ian Hutson is an inspired, absurd, hilarious and witty selection of highly amusing..."
Human Experience
" Loved these characters and the story! Please take a chance on this book! You won't be sorry!! I received..."
Cornered Coyote
" I much enjoyed the first two books in Dianne Harman's Coyote series, Blue Coyote Motel and Coyote in Provence...."
Screaming Angels
"First off, this romantic story reads as a casual novel of exquisite style; featuring some dramatic twists and turns, nonetheless...."
The Homecoming
" I don't particularly like reading Sci-fi, but this was such a great romance story. Sydney and Kyle had the..."
My Lady Love
" This is a first read for me by this author. There's nothing better, in my opinion than a book..."
Menage a Me
"I would have titled this novel "Menage a moi""
A Cup of Comfort for Couples
" Just reading the summary of this book made me think about the earlier days with my husband when we..."
Demon Within
" Great writer and writing! The storyline keeps you engaged entirely. I couldn't put it down. I love the interplay..."
Fortune Calling (The Fortune Series Book 1)
" A wonderful story with a life's lessons in a warming contemporary romance in the harshness of the Nashville music..."
Concrete Jungle
"excellent book to read"
Drowned Murmurs
" "Drowned Murmurs" by Honor Amelia Dawson is a fascinating mystery story about an old house in Cornwall. Our heroine..."
Arielle Immortal Awakening
" Arielle Immortal Awakenings is a quick, fun beach (or blizzard!) read. Great story line and interesting characters. More than..."
Black Eagle Inn
" Christoph Fischer’s, THE BLACK EAGLE INN, the final instalment of his THREE NATIONS TRILOGY is a journey of personal..."
Tin Men
" Set in a time where Time travel is possible. This lovely novel explores the logical implications a story of..."
Wood, Talc and Mr. J: We never had it so good...
" A great coming-of-age read with many laugh-out-loud moments. I look forward to reading more of Chris's work.  ..."
Bright Star, Night Star
"This book is great on a couple of levels. First of all it is written in rhyme. Small kid love..."
Blue Coyote Motel
" Blue Coyote Motel addresses many important issues; the most prevalent being women's poor self-image, drug addiction and the violation..."
Rip: Grail of the Secret Sun
" Cover is striking and bold "
Arielle Immortal Awakening
" I thoroughly enjoyed reading this amazing book. Mystery and magic with romance and much adventure created a very interesting..."
Taking Charge
" If you are looking for something different to read this certainly is the book. Joy is quite a character...."
Discovering a More Intimate Response
" “The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends” - B. R. Ambedkar Marriage isn’t a..."
"Reading Vortexes was like being shipped into the future. This dystopian creation of a future is like a different world,..."
A Dead Husband
" I love Jessica! What is there not to love? She's intelligent, cherishes the finer things in life, celebrates her..."
" A wonderful touching short story of two friends, meeting at the age of 17. Melodie expresses and describes magical..."
The Black Widow
" I'm always a bit apprehensive when taking on reading a new-to-my-library author's works. I'm a creature of habit :-)..."
Treasures of the Fourth Reich
" A Titian, a Bruegel, and a panel from the Amber Room—vanished during WWII—come to life again. A string of..."
Dancing Barefoot
" "Dancing Barefoot" by Amber Lea Easton is another great of her beautiful romance stories. I don't often get excited..."
Wind Warrior
"This was a wonderful love story full of intrigue, adventure, survival, and a love so strong, it conquers human evil...."
Coyote Series Boxed Set
" A wonderful great series to have I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these inspirational books.  ..."
Dead Medium
" "Dead Medium" by Peter John is an excellent novel based on the premise that the main character is dead..."
" Christoph Fischer has done it again with Sebastian. This is a story of love, heartbreak, and war. Sebastian, at..."
Fast Track To Glory
" After reading “The Vestals Conspiracy”, I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to read and review the..."
White (Dark of Winter Origins Short Story, #2)
" Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite White: Dark of Winter Origins Short Story, #2 by Christopher Percy is..."
Tossed Off the Edge
" “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” - Oscar Wilde Hollywood,..."
Charlene the Star
" What a delightful children's book! Charlene is born into a family of famous race horses but right from the..."
Love, Life and Everything Else
" Love, Life and Everything Else - her past will come back to haunt her will Jenny be able to..."
Time To Let Go
" I was drawn to this book by it's beautiful cover and title but I was driven to read this..."
Scarred Beginnings
" Jackie is a talented author that writes mystery and suspense novels. Surviving the incident was going to be a..."
Beautiful Deconstruction
"A beautiful book indeed. I could literally smell the french lavender as I read. Enticing from the beginning..."
Deadly Secrets (The Greek Isles Series Book 2)
" “Deadly Secrets” by Angel Sefer is a spellbinding mystery romance novel in the most beautiful and captivating of settings:..."
Bees Like Flowers
"I absolutely loved this book! It is really adorable and after reading just this one from the series I am..."
The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman
" Moojie has so many strikes against him that survival of any kind seems improbable. He’s born with physical disabilities;..."
A Pawn for Malice
"I couldn't stop! Talk about addiction, this story did it for me. The author made me feel so..."
Take Down The Flags
" A pleasure as always to read something new by Mark. Take Down The Flags appears to be a simple..."
September Ends
" SEPTEMBER ENDS is a story of love and betrayal interwoven with great expertise through the written media. High emotions,..."
Painting Blue Water
" Katherine Ross is a successful business woman working for an upscale Manhattan real estate firm. She has a life..."
Stranger Abduction
" A GRIPPING STORY  Inspired by Actual Facts The story is a frightening one - the abduction of a mother..."
Kurintor Nyusi
" "I am a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan. I have been reading these two genres since I was a..."
A Dead Sister
" Building beautifully on the first book (A Dead Husband), this one adds depth to the characters, especially Jessica, who..."
The Luck of the Weissensteiners
" We've all studied World War II in history classes and some of us are old enough to have had..."
Tail of the Devil
" "Tail of the Devil" by Danielle DeVor is a well written Vampire Story about a 15 year old boy...."
The Unfleshed
"The author pulls us through a tale of horror with a heart-stopping nastiness that will make your toes curl in..."
Spellbound in His Arms (The Greek Isles Series Book 1)
" "Spellbound in His Arms" by Angel Sefer is a great romantic suspense story set on the beautiful Greek island..."
Simply Divine
" Author Mark Binmore has come up with something unique, fictional memoirs set in a real world. According to his..."
Fade To Black
" I recently discover Wendy Corsi Saub, and this is now my fourth download. I have to say they all..."
Among the Shrouded
" In someone else's hands, this subject might be so dark as to cause readers to dismiss the book. Ms...."
Dancing with a Dead Horse
" The author grips the reader so very well. Revealing teenage life with compassion, great humor and fun. My son..."
A Dead Sister
" “A Dead Sister” by Anna Burke is an excellent follow up to her “Dead Husband”. Jessica Huntington has a..."
Walking The Pendulum
" "Tracing the Contours" by Honor Amelia Dawson is a tightly written and accomplished psychological thriller. Its strength lies in..."
Saint Harry
"Angie has moved back home with her mother after a break up with her boyfriend. One day they find out..."
" Within these pages are old people in space, conscripted into the English military (and we have no idea how..."
Emerging With Wings
" An inspiring story that sheds light on the lies we believe, even from a young age, and the devastating..."
A Dead Husband
" Jessica Huntington’ s divorce party near Palm Springs definitely turns into one of the worst hangovers when her friend..."
Talon, on the wing
" As with all of Gigi's books, I loved Talon on the Wing! Here is my review: 5.0 out of..."
Sorrow's Point
" Once again so well done - weaving Christian mythology and magical moments together in this the story. Another amazingly..."
The Seven Natural Wonders Of The Earth
" The four year olds in a transitional kindergarten class just adored this book and were fascinated by the book..."
Passport To Happiness
" Passport to Happiness by Debbie White is a wonderful romantic story. The main character, Jessica, is very lovely and..."
Beautiful Deconstruction
" According to its author, Beautiful Deconstruction is a novel of loss, of love, a story of growing old. What..."
A Life Of Parties
" I read this book as part of Simply Divine, which contains this and his previous book Now Is Not..."
48 Hours 'Til Christmas
" Our story takes place in Smoothville, Georgia just in time for the highly anticipated Christmas Extravaganza. From the pews..."
" I would like to thank Tracy Lawson for my free e-book of "Counteract: Book One of the Resistance Series..."
" *** I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Sebastian is Christoph Fischer's..."
Chicago Eternal
"Photographer Larry Broutman made us take note of the vast and impressive array of public art in his book "Chicago..."
After Forever Ends
" It isn’t often that I gush over books in a teenage sort of way, but since the very first..."
Red Ground
" “Red Ground” is a story of greed, corruption and redemption amid a bloody conflict in Africa. With a fortune..."
Talon, Flight for life
" I loved this book! Here is my review of it: 5.0 out of 5 starsA Top Flight book! ByDeanie..."
The Master's Plan
" This inspiring tale, a central message of faith relevant to non-Christians, hope, integrity, goodness and perseverance prevail. A book..."
" "Cullo" by Murielle Cyr may have been written for young adults but it has a great appeal for adults,..."
A Dead Husband
" Jessica Huntington’ s divorce party near Palm Springs definitely turns into one of the worst hangovers when her friend..."
" I’ve always been fascinated by the criminal profilers on TV, Criminal Minds being a favorite of mine. So when..."
" "I run back inside, I turn off the light, look out into the open night, my mind flies open..."
The Master's Plan
" One of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed this book is that it deals with contemporary issues. The plot is..."
Arielle Immortal Quickening
" Roberts's characters and her passionate writing is very lovable. A wonderful and magical teenage drama with great surprises that..."
"I received this book as an ARC. Once again, MS Barbo entertains us with another page turner. One..."
Coyote Series Boxed Set
" “Blue Coyote Hotel” by Dianne Harman has at its heart an excellent idea and an intelligent concept that is..."
Out of the Box Regifted
" "Out of the Box Regifted" by Jennifer Theriot follows the dreamy romance of her first book in the series,..."
Talon, come fly with me
" 5.0 out of 5 starsAn adventure filed with many surprises and lessons! ByDeanie Humphrys-Dunneon January 10, 2015 Format: Kindle..."
Unchained Melody
"This was truly a captivating story right from Chapter 1. I'm liking this author ... a lot, so far. ..."
Cornered Coyote
" I read Coyote in Provence and Cornered Coyote in just 2 days. I flat out could not put these..."
Circumstances of Childhood
"What’s not to like about Greg and Kevin, and a nostalgic walk through their childhood? Eagle scouts, football heroes, roommates..."
Dream Job
" This is a wild and wacky book all right, and it’s a blast. From the moment we meet Melie,..."
Ghost Hunter: Blood Ties
" Wonderful read. I've read a lot of ghost stories but this is the first that merges with mythological gods...."

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