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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology'

3rd Place 2015
Sixteen-year-old Emma spent her life tenaciously searching for clues to her real parents. With her adoptive mother’s death, her ailing father is concerned with her future, giving her a marriage ultimatum: find a husband or he’ll arrange one.

A change of scenery might solve both problems. Emma heads to Winchester with her closest friend, William, to find the royal court of Henry VII in session. A chance encounter with Prince Henry leads to a whirlwind courtship that sweeps her off her feet. But Henry’s kiss reawakens deeper jealousies from her hidden past.

As Henry promises to make her the future queen, Emma is attacked and nearly drowned by a sorceress called Morgana. The woman claims to be the rightful heir to Camelot. William shocks Emma further when he insists she’s the daughter of legendary King Arthur. One thing is certain: Morgana wants Emma dead, and she has an army of soulless demons to ensure it happens. Stepping into legend and accepting her past is the only way to stop her.

Emma must take up her father’s sword Excalibur and resurrect the city of Camelot. However, the key to making it work is true love, and Emma couldn’t be more conflicted between Henry and William. One love is new and exciting. The other, a trusted friend she’s always loved. If Emma can’t decide her feelings, Morgana will rule the ancient kingdom and plunge it into everlasting darkness.

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