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The Degustation of Dave

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Suspense'

The Degustation of Dave
The cover for this novel was taken from my daughter's wedding photos. I feel a table setting, including blood red rose petals admirably portrays the theme of this novel.

This novel presents a story of personal hardship and suffering, with some sex and adventure included to provide something for almost everyone.

As is typically the case, the troubles start for Dave when he allows lust to control his actions. He ends up regretting his decision that irrevocably changes his life forever.

Chapter one is set in a hospital in a foreign land. Here readers will find our body builder Dave in a deplorable physical state following a trek in the jungles of Brazil. His physical state begs to ask the questions: What has Dave eaten? What, or who, has been eating Dave?

Can you stomach the meal that this book dishes up?

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