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Eliza Twitchel & The Haunted Forest

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Eliza Twitchel & The Haunted Forest
Eliza Twitchel's birthday hasn't exactly been what you would call normal. For starters, the green stone in the bracelet her dead mother left for her begins to glow at 12:01 AM—one minute after she turns 13. Then she discovers an ill-tempered brownie in her kitchen, rearranging the cupboards. If that wasn't strange enough, outside by the garden she meets a blue-eyed owl named Fayne who changes into a beautiful selkie one hour each night due to a curse invoked by her own mother.

Just when Eliza thinks everything she experienced the night before was a dream, her little sister, Phoebe, is kidnapped by gobblings and whisked through a magic gateway hidden in the old growth forest behind Eliza's house—a gateway leading to a faerie world called Aldaen, where ogres and witches and magic exists and danger lurks around every corner.

With help of Grizzle, the hot-tempered brownie who spends most of the time as an angry boggart, Eliza journeys through the gateway into Aldaen, hoping to rescue her sister and be back before her papa gets home from work. She soon discovers it isn't going to be as simple as she thought. The gobblings are taking Phoebe to the Haunted Forest where they plan to sell her to a couple of evil witches who have a taste for children.

As if things could not get any worse, Aldaen is on the brink of war. Queen Grimmina, a troll witch, is desperate to recover her secret weapon and unleash it upon her mortal enemy, the Elf King. Unfortunately, it was stolen—by Eliza's mother. And the key to finding where it is hidden lies in the green heartstone embedded in the bracelet on Eliza's wrist.

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