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Fighting Fifty, Mood Swings and Men

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Romance'

Fighting Fifty, Mood Swings and Men
This is the second Fighting Fifty book in which the leading character is a middle aged woman whose well versed mid-life crisis is complicated further by the attention of a man who isn't her husband.

In Fighting Fifty, Mood Swings and Men, Katherine feels like she's losing her mind. Illness, work troubles, the menopause. Her life is a mess.

But then there’s confident, attractive charming Jack, flown in from the States to help out at Katherine’s workplace. He knows Katherine and her husband are separated, and he seems very interested in filling Bradley’s place.

One problem. Katherine and Bradley aren’t separated. The ‘separation’ line just slipped out when Katherine was talking to Jack. A white lie. Or, well, maybe a grey lie. She just needs to tread carefully, and this doesn’t have to backfire on her. Right?


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