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From Generation to Generation

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Religion'

2nd Place 2015
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A woman’s unexpected entry into an interfaith marriage brings her closer to her roots than she ever imagined in this inspirational true story, From Generation to Generation. Written by Jane Larkin, a Jewish woman who made the difficult decision to marry outside her faith, this fascinating memoir explores an ancient religion in the face of modern times.

Jane knew the statistics quite well: those who belong to interfaith households often lose their beliefs, neglect regular ritual observance, and raise children who are less likely to associate themselves with religious tradition.

Having been raised in the midst of these gloomy statistics, Jane decides to enter into marriage with a fellow Jew, despite the fact that she is not in love. But she quickly realizes that a marriage based solely on shared faith is not a marriage that can last, and the union crumbles.

Newly single, Jane soon falls in love with a non-Jewish man. Before she knows it, she finds herself embarking on the one adventure she had hoped to avoid at all costs: an interfaith marriage.

But something surprising happens as they attempt to maneuver through this new marriage. Jane suddenly discovers that instead of pushing her away from her faith, their partnership actually urges her to reconnect with the roots of her faith and explore the meaning of Judaism more closely. Inspired by her interfaith marriage, Jane’s exploration into Judaism helps transform her into a more conscious, thoughtful, and empowered Jewish woman.

By facing her most profound fears, prejudices, and a shocking religious skeleton in her genealogical closet, Jane ultimately finds the strength to be herself.

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