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Grog Wars

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Historical'

Grog Wars
No one has to tell Burke Kaufman brewing is a perilous business. But the danger really hits home when his oldest brother dies horribly in a brew house accident, changing Burke’s life utterly and evermore. Handsome-but-shy, Burke is a man of many talents, but he is far from being the apple of his father’s eye. So, when he must choose between the Prussian army and taking his dead brother’s place on an epic journey to the American west, he chooses to be dispatched to the strange new country. Burke’s father has a parting surprise in store for the depressed young man— an arranged marriage, just days before his departure.

In 1849, Kaufmann survives the first leg of his journey: the cross-Atlantic voyage and the “floating coffin” ships. Then he endures the Oregon Trail during its bloodiest history with Aussie pal Queensy Gray in tow. In due course Burke lands in Portland, Oregon—“Shanghai capital,” and arguably the most dangerous place on earth. Having to fight for his life as he led his wagon train along its dangerous trek had succeeded in curing Kaufmann of his depression. The experience made him enormously wealthy, besides; he is finally able to send for his bride, Lily. When he does, Burke’s greatest danger so far arrives with her.

From Europe and Australia to the Unorganized Territory of the American west; from the pre-canal Panama jungles—replete with crocodiles, to the western settlements in old Shanghai; GROG WARS is historical fiction written across a broad intercontinental canvas, and told by colorful characters that weather every kind of extreme.

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