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Prodigal Son

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Thrillers'

Prodigal Son
Sheriff Martin Shuller had returned home from an exhausting case in the neighboring town of Columbus Cove. He thought he could just return to his quiet town and shake the dust off from the cove and regroup. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Just as he gets settled back into his old routine, he is shaken again by a case, this time it is too close to home. Prodigal Son delivers a blow to Shuller that he had never seen coming. Just as he was getting a grip of his life as a whole, it is torn apart as he now has to battle with the fact his personal life now is at the center of a murder investigation. Shuller discovers now that things within his personal life may never have been what they seemed. Quiet and normal was what he was seeking. It certainly was not what he found. When the past comes calling.

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