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God, I was wondering

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Religion'

God, I was wondering Cover.jpg
When I wrote God, I was wondering, I wanted to present a cover that captured the quiet solace of spending time with the God of all creation. Mountains always take me to that place where man can meet God to observe His power in the creation. Moses met God on a mountain to be in His presence for forty days and nights. There is something peaceful about the quietness of the mountains and the freshness of the mountain air. That is why I chose the backdrop of the cover to show the mountains. The book itself captures the communication between God and man. The premise of the book is based on this theme. Assuming that God exists and you were to meet Him face to face, what one question would you ask Him if you had the chance? Atheists, agnostics, and theists contributed by submitting questions that they would ask God if they had the opportunity. Each question is answered and probes the depths of God's word. Although this is not a doctrinal book, it is written from a Christian perspective. The goal of this book is to initiate a conversation that accepts the existence of God and offers a perspective that looks at personal experiences from a different angle. If you have ever wondered how God might address your question, this book offers you the chance to consider how He might respond. Regardless of your system of belief, you will gain new insight into how the events of your life can be viewed and how that new perspective can enrich your life.

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