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The Curse of Kings

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Historical'

The Curse of Kings
The King's Chalice trilogy, of which The Curse of Kings is the second part, is a historical novel about East Dorset in Saxon times. The stained silver chalice and the well worn sword both contribute to a suspicion that foul play is involved. In Saxon times violence is never far from the lives of both the nobles and the townspeople. Disease is rife, hunger common and the raids by the Norsemen a very real threat to those who live in Wessex. Possessing land brings its own problems when jealousy turns to outright murder and gangs of brigands and outlaws force men to seek revenge without the benefit of the force of law, the inconvenience of a trial or the interference of the county sheriff. From the young King Edwy who was infatuated with a girl and secretly married her, to Ethelred who came to the throne with his honour already stained, the novel follows the generations of men and women on a small manor until the devastating raid by the Danes left the area reduced to ash when only the luckiest survived.

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