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Valentine's Seahorse

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Literary'

Valentine's Seahorse front cover
Love takes root in unexpected places. And moments of recovery often come at the most inconsequential of times. The chance meeting of Vicki and Jacob in a Seattle dive bar brings with it books and bus rides. It brings foot rubs and literature adapted for film and not really knowing what the other wants. It also brings a proposition.

They've both experienced pain in the past and are seeking to escape it, to create new moments, new now's to replace those that never were. Vicki takes the lead, and Jacob can't help but follow even though he's unsure of where it's all going. There is talk of sex, and of the fear of what it might cost.

A date is set for Valentine's Day, but what will they find? Will their connection be a brief moment that leads to fading memories? Or will the now of the date transform into a beginning?

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