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The Sacred Book of G

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Biography & Autobiography'

2nd Place 2015
The Sacred Book of G.jpg
A few years ago, G’s world went down into a void. After 3 days of brain death he reborn with a deep loss of memory. He reborn without any sense of his past — of his own roots — of his own self. Before that he’d spent his time creating defences to disguise his autism. He had lost it too. Now, new born G had no memory and no defences.

He then fully rebuilt his memory by getting close to nature, healing himself with his intuitive and natural shamanic practices that he had learn in his years in Tibet and Africa, at the same time that he got back to rebuild his physical health. One thing took him more time to achieve: his defences, broken by trust. His self esteem. His own self.
An astounding and moving true story about a High Functioning Autistic who lived always independently since teenager without any support because he’s disconnected from the world, trying to express himself as visual artist and writer, story teller and lecturer. An autistic who got himself stuck in his own obsession: express himself, the hardest for someone in the spectrum, connecting his intelligence and logical thinking to his natural skills on shamanism, healing and arts. You’re right, not easy, but it was his own choice to listen to himself instead of going with the herd. G is a survivor since the moment he was born… later on, he survived death again. He stayed there for 3 days though, and he tells how it is to be dead in a heart beating body that he couldn’t listen to.

“The Sacred Book of G” is much more than a memoir even though you will feel as a voyeur into G’s life. It’s a book of philosophy, and of a fearless battle to remain alive: to exist. It’s a book about being bravely alive in a battleground. It’s a book about the perks of being different. Of being a survivor and how he takes it with a message to this world in which normality doesn’t make much sense since long time ago. Because writing is this: pollen being spread to different soils to grow under different suns. Because being different is a great reason to be alive. Because we all are.

“The Sacred Book of G” is an existentialist book of philosophy, a sacred journal of memoirs, a brave book of life itself.
A book about how we all belong to nature. As shamans.

(The cover is a self portrait by the author of the book)

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