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Shackleton's Folly

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Science Fiction'

Shackleton's Folly
In the story Shackleton's Folly the hero ends up finding The Eleventh Wonder of the Universe and a nebula is nearby. Ali has a long list of places her space art and/or nebulas have been used. It was a perfect match. Here is a list of where you have also seen her work.

Defiance Season One, Episode 12
Star Trek: Axanar
Travel Channel's America Declassified: Quiet Zone
Star Trek Stellar Cartography Maps.
Star Trek Renegades movie.
Riddick (New Chronicles of Riddick sequel)
Showtime's DEXTER, episodes 706 and 707
3dArt Direct Magazine #18…
Science Channel's "Through the Wormhole" Season 3 and 4.
Space Command Movie, soon to be in production.
Discovery Channel's TV Show "Curiosity"
Universal Television/Studios for their new series BSG: Blood and Chrome.
The movie "The Shed" in the UK.
Firefly/Serenity/BSG Merchandise at Quantum Mechanix
Old Spice Ad.
Hillshire Farms Ad.
An assortment of Star Trek and other Book Covers, CD Covers, Websites, Posters among other things.

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