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Seven Fish Tree

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Occult & Supernatural'

2nd Place 2015
Seven Fish Tree
Mankind's ultimate questions are answered. Are we worthy? Are we ready?

On a pleasant fall day in 2013, Rod Travis, a retired Atlanta police captain, encounters two miracles that will ultimately alter the lives of every being on earth.

Jon Huna recruits Rod with revelations, cryptic promises, and deals too good to be true- more like ranting presented by a pleasant messenger.

In Seven Fish Tree, nothing will ever be the same for either man.

Rod initially anticipates financial gains from the purchase of a miracle. Jon expects his promised reward for the conclusion of his works, which have spanned centuries. Neither man will receive what they expect as they embark upon the greatest mission in the history of the world. As the clock ticks, both men work tirelessly to assemble a team that must assist ushering mankind to the miracles, but possibly to their deaths. Beware of the questions asked; for the first time, they will be answered. Can mankind handle the ultimate truths? Time may tell.

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