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Renew Your Hope! Remedy for Personal Breakthroughs

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Religion'

Renew Your Hope! Remedy for Personal Breakthroughs
Renew Your Hope! Remedy for Personal Breakthroughs, the second in the Faith to Live By series, helps the reader move from essential faith (the focus of the first book) to effective faith—that is faith that can move mountains. The author helps the reader grow deeper in his/her understanding of what it means to be born-again, how Believers are spiritually transformed into new creatures with new freedom and authority over our spiritual and natural existence to be experienced consistent with the will of the Father. Many people claim to have faith in Jesus Christ, but too few experience the abundant, victorious life Christ died to provide them. With compassion, fueled by researched evidence of the fearful, desperate and hopeless state most people live in, the author seeks to impart the glorious hope and success in life that Believers can and should enjoy with a proper understanding of all that faith in Christ entails.

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