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Is It Me? Or Is It The Wine?

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Biography & Autobiography'

Is It Me? Or Is It The Wine?
Funny story about this cover. So as you can see there is a neon sign above me. This is hanging in a bar that I frequently frequent in Dallas...I basically have a cot in the back. Well, I never noticed it until about 4 months ago when I kept getting texts about this sign. The sign reads, "The more sins you confess, the more books you will sell.". Ummmm how perfect! So I called my friend who owns the joint and asked if we could do a shoot. Of course, he said yes. I needed a male model. I already had my photographer, Ramon Mendez, on lock because he is the best in Texas if not the nation. There was one person I KNEW that would fit the role and models for a living. Tim. Tim was the best non-relationship I was ever in. We were purely, "friends with benefits". He would call me if he was dating another girl he was going to bring around our friends to give me a heads up, we'd only, really, see each other between the hours of 2am-5am but it was so easy.

Ironically, I have had so many failed relationships the best one of the dudes ended up on my cover. Besides that, obviously I am a writer and a wine-o; hence the computer and the wine. Stepping on this guy's face while he is smiling is symbolic of how, no matter how hard I try, or how bad I want to hurt a dude that has wrong me, he always gets the last laugh.

Well now it is my turn...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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