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Twinkle book cover.jpg
Salvation is a funny thing. It can show up in the most unlikely place, in the most unlikely way. Nathan A. Goodman's compelling story Twinkle has been hailed as a modern day Christian rekindling in the spirit of Uncle Remus. As the endearing old storyteller hobbles toward the group of unwitting school children, none suspect that he will bring them back in time to witness history, and to confront their most daunting questions. Why do bad things happen to good people? What happens to us when we die? What is heaven like? Are we in control, or does God control everything we do? Jupiter, a slave boy, and his best friend Remmie, the daughter of the plantation owner, together discover a magical place in the forest, and their lives are changed forever. Twinkle will tug at your every heart string, and tickle your soul. Come on inside to the windey, warm, waterway, for the Magic Place lies within...

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