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Angels of Mercy

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Gay'

Angels Of Mercy - Volume One: Elliot
Angels in this series is a metaphorical symbol I use to convey character and atmospheric qualities to the work. Each of the main characters have an Angelic name that personifies the traits of that given Angel in the Judeo-Christian dogma. Likewise, the football team are the Mercy High Avenging Angels which is now a secular school that had (originally) been a consecrated Catholic school.

The Project:
The cover is an extension of this metaphor I use to convey the Angels in my story (Cassiel, Raphael, and Azreal). I wanted the cover to convey the strong football theme as it is the backdrop on which the drama of this story springs from. This is a tale of rampant homophobia that exists in the competitive sports world (in this case, high school) and how far boys who are gay have to go to continue to play the game they love to play.

The wings of the angel on the cover are there to emphasize the metaphor and to underscore the football team that is the context for this story. The blood present on the football player is to draw attention and emphasize the violence that is often brought about by misunderstandings and misconceptions. Angels is a violent and brutal work. The book cover had to underscore that.

The Write Up on the cover:
On the cusp of his senior year at Mercy High, Elliot Donahey, an out but terminally shy gay young man who keeps to the shadows – never wanting to be seen or noticed – suddenly finds himself in the arms of the highest profile jock on campus, local star quarterback, Marco Sforza. Their lives, and those closest to them will never be the same.

Set against the backdrop of competitive sports, this character study work (the first in a series) deep dives into the lives of these young men who each must "play the game" so Marco can play the game he loves. They are just trying to find some small slice of happiness to call their own amidst their hellish final year of high school.

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