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Why Bother? Because Self-Help Is Never Stupid

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Body, Mind & Spirt'

Why Bother? Because Self-Help Is Never Stupid

The cover description was a last minute addition to the book because interest began brewing around the cover and its meaning.
There are a lot of pissed off people walking around this planet, for many reasons. Some proudly wear that anger, some hide it, some have it under control and then something triggers it (look out) and others are so deep in denial they don’t even know it’s there. I used to be one of them. Then we have those that are overly emotional and unknowingly actually use this as a protection mechanism or avoidance technique. We humans, have different ways of coping with emotion. Our less than ideal emotion often comes from of some form of abuse and often we feel victimized and that even applies to the tough guy or bully. When we feel this way it's just a lack of understanding or lack of seeing the bigger picture in our mastery of third dimension.

Well that was more about the subtitle, but that’s where all the symbolism comes in on the cover. The bear represents what happens when the wounded child grows up. There is a raging pissed-off bear inside even if we try to hide it, deny it or ignore it. However, peace is possible when we learn to integrate and operate with the heart as the center rather than the head and ego. That’s where the lotus comes in on the bear’s heart.

If we don't deal with what lies below the surface, we can explode like a volcano. Hence the volcano in the back-ground and something I use a metaphor in the book a few times. It’s helpful to understand it is exactly those volcanic eruptions that we can use to transform like a butterfly and create stability in a chronically unstable world. The balloons can represent lightness but also represent being numb and having your head in the clouds rather than being grounded.

We can be firmly grounded and divinely connected to pure source at the same time. This is how we transform being pissed-off into peace and passion, because the combined elements of being grounded and divinely connected, opens us up to a world of possibility that only existed in the unimagined parts of self.

My wounded child came from being sexually abused by 2 non-blood-related family members. One in 5 girls and one in 6 boys have suffered from some form of abuse and that is only what is reported. My abuse was never report and most that I have met that also suffered abuse or rape never reported it either. This is my way of validating the feeling of being pissed-off, numb, in denial or emotional; to let others know that it’s okay if they aren’t “over it” yet, but that they can eventually do just that and find peace.

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