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Harold Huxley and the Enchanted Forest

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Children's Books'

Harold Huxley and the Enchanted Forest
Harold Huxley, the adventuring househog, and his best friend, Lamb, were camping, when Harold was suddenly awoken by a bright light filling the sky. The two friends creep into the forest to investigate, and while hiding in the bushes they discover some magical creatures, called beeley bugs.
Discover what happens when the friends meet Bumble, a clumsy blue beeley bug, who accidentally uses his magic on Lamb. Will Oscar, the wise beeley bugs' leader, be able to discover a way to fix Bumble's mistake? Find out in this exciting adventure of magical powers, amazing invisible creatures and true friendship.
Book 5 in the series - The Adventures of Harold Huxley, early reader chapter book (for ages 5 - 7).
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