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The Unsaintly

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Horror'

2nd Place 2015
The Unsaintly
This is the Prologue to the series that begins in January 2015 of dark, epic proportions where the book of Revelations collides with the likes of Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Dream. Fantastical creatures, Apocolyptic wars, and edge-of-your-seat encounters that will leave their mark on your mind long after you put the book down.

When Isabel – the daughter of the Blanche of Castille and Louis VIII – was young, she could only dream of serving her country and her family by putting her faith in God. A devout Catholic, she was known for her kindness and work with the sick. When she finally made her dream come true by convincing the head of the Church to allow her to open her own convent, she had no idea that it would test her conviction and faith on such a personal level… God had sent a watcher to record her life’s story.

The Devil infiltrates her monastery, and she comes face to face with the Father of Lies in a story of Heaven versus Hell. Isabel then suffers through the worst case of stigmata the Church has ever seen, resulting in her being both feared and revered. Her nightmare truly begins when she must fight for her very soul from demonic possession which places the lives of those who are sworn to protect her in jeopardy.

Everything she’s learned up to this point could not prepare for the dark truth… Humans are merely pawns in a game of chess between a father and a son torn apart by jealousy.

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