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The Search for Reason

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The Search for Reason
Sometimes we think we got it all together, and that life’s ours for the taking. That's at least, what Matthew Edwards thought. He’s successful and has a great job. He drives a Mercedes Benz, wears $1000 suits. Women are drawn to him, and he takes full advantage. He lives a life that all his friends wished they could. But his concept of reality will be changed in an instant. The news of his childhood best friend’s death shocks him to his core.

The death of his friend, and a few other "coincidences" will have him searching for peace, and reason.

Not only will Matt battle with finding meaning in the loss of his friend, but he’ll also have to deal with the consequences of a choice that wasn’t his own. Nightmares have haunted him on and off for years since his ex-girlfriend decided to have an abortion. Dreams of a faceless little girl calling for daddy will have him questioning the meaning of life, and God's love.

The dream life he built for himself has been shattered in pieces, and as he struggles to piece them back together, the questions that haunt him will demand answers.

Will he find reason?

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