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The Kota Series

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Science Fiction'

1st Place 2015
The Kota Series
In a futuristic, dystopian world, a global tyranny called the Dominion uses the DRK virus to maintain its rule over a population struggling to survive genocide, genetic manipulation, and the scourge of the DRK. It is Trok’s responsibility, after 500 years, to find and unite four Warriors born with a Mark which, according to a Kota prophecy, means they are meant to drive evil from Earth. Bullseye is an invisible assassin. Zaak has hyper-senses and grows up on a desert planet with their time-travelling uncle. Alex is a telepath who’s abducted and cannot remember the whole year she was missing. Ryu is a giant of a man who wanders the continent in search of his abducted sister. Using their hyper-natural abilities, the Warriors fight the Dominion and bring back hope to the struggling Underground rebels.
Later, when the Warriors chase the Dominion leader through a portal, they crash on the planet Ebon and discover the wide reach of Ebon’s “sacred light.”
On Phantasya, they further discover the significance of the light as they try to stop a supernatural, horrific darkness from destroying Phantasya’s utopia.
By the time the Warriors arrive on Zenith, they know they must use the light to destroy the darkness that threatens the people of Zenith.

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