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Random Shootings

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Literary'

Random Shootings
John Watson, a crime reporter in Florida, feeling threatened by a potential “stand your ground” trial after shooting an angry neighbor, decides to settle out of court and move to Colorado with his wife, Diana. Still in her thirties, Diana successfully struggles with a cancer diagnosis while she and John continue to be confronted with more episodes of random gun violence in Colorado. Unable to have their own children, they adopt a nine year old boy and a nine year old girl. Their daughter, Trish, loves playing soccer and does very well in school. Their son, Brian, is bullied in middle school and grows up to become a disturbed young man with an uncommon fondness for guns. From a mall shooting, a school shooting, even a military base shooting, this important new book offers a reflection on gun violence in America today and shows the impact it can have on a family. Readers’ Favorite says this new novel is "Chilling and feels all too real."

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