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The Lich War Trilogy

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Fantasy'

Semi Finalist
The Lich War Trilogy
A once respected holy warrior of the elven kingdom, Devron, is enslaved by a demon. Corrupted, he sets out to steal the Swords of Power from the three elven nations, in order to access a wish spell to change history, and return his empire before it was destroyed in a catastrophic accident. He uses necromancy to gain an undead army to further his plans.

Bolinor, scarred by recent battles, with a strong sense of justice and his own brand of heroism, sets out to form his own mercenary company. With his beloved wife, Cassandra, a powerful mage in her own right, Bolinor, his friends and some curious allies must stand together in order to stem the tide of impending doom washing over the land of Mennel Fenn.

Biding time while stealthily enacting his plans, Devron runs afoul of Bolinor. Aided by griffin-riding cat people, an unturned vampire, and squabbling elves of every nation, our heroes must try to decipher a mysterious book, and gather an ancient artifact in order to stop and kill Devron once and for all.

A story of power and corruption; love and romance; honor and duty, The Lich War Series is a sweeping saga where the heroic battle for good and evil transcends the realm of mortals; where friendship and love is all that bind the heroes together in the final dark battle of the Lich Wars when all hope seems lost.

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