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Searching for the Unknown

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Ghost'

“She heard something rattling in the kitchen. She was home alone; someone had to be in her house. She was alone, scared and prepared to fight. She walked slowly from her bedroom to the hall looking for something or someone. She didn’t want to make any noise. Melody slowly made her way to the kitchen and there was no one there. She thought maybe they went to another room, so she looked all around, and NOTHING!” Melody and her husband Sam decided they wanted to move to a small town. With Sam working at the railroad, Sam was relocated to a small town called Everest County. It was a small town with about 1200 people in the community. Melody was a teacher back in the city; she took some time off to get settled in their new place. She loved history and writing. They wanted to buy a house they had seen several months ago while Sam was looking at the place of transfer. The house was white and a quiet place to live. They see this house abandoned, with some fixing up to do. It had lots of trees, plenty of lands, a place to go fishing. It was a great deal for them and was a perfect place to live for Melody and Sam. Sam was a hunter, fisherman, loved to ride on four-wheelers.

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