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Finding Agnetha

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'General'

Finding Agnetha
An eleven year-old boy, living in a troubled home in Buffalo New York, finds solace from the violence around him by listening to ABBA songs and watching their music videos. Inspired by ABBA, he decides he wants to follow a musical career, but first he wants to see ABBA perform live, on stage. The only problem is that the Swedish pop-band hasn't performed together for thirty years, and no one, the band included, seems to think it will ever happen. The young boy makes a plan. He runs away from home, making it to Sweden, in search of Agnetha Faltskog, the famous blond of ABBA. With police in America and Sweden searching for him, the young Morie overcomes impossible odds as he touches the heart of everyone he meets, none of whom believe he can ever possibly achieve his vision - not even Agnetha. Whether you are a fan of ABBA or not, the story will inspire you and it reminds us all that no dream is impossible.

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