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Cover Contest 2015: Access Denied

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Biography & Autobiography'

3rd Place 2015
Cover Contest 2015: Access Denied
David meets Meg. They fall in love and, despite a turbulent relationship, have a child together fulfilling David's dream to be a father.

After they separate, David has to fight the mother and Family Courts to see his daughter and also battles against the incompetence and lies of the Child Support Agency who seem hell-bent on ruining him, emotionally and financially.

A must-read for ANY parent.

For anyone who has had to deal with the CSA/CMS and the Family Courts, this is compelling reading. Thought-provoking, honest, extraordinary, revealing. A damning indictment of the Child Support Agency and Family Courts.

If the measure of a good book is it's after burn, Access Denied is a great book.

When you've nothing left to lose, what else can you give?

A quite extraordinary true story.

"Thought provoking but brilliant read." - Vanessa
"I couldn't put it down!" - Lisa Roberts (CSA Rip-offs Support Group)
"A well told, quite extraordinary true story that stays with you." - Jane Austin
"Amazingly jaw dropping story!" - Linda Conlon
"Captivating Story." - Lanre Oke

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