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Gates of Time Windows of Opportunity

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Body, Mind & Spirt'

Gates of Time Windows of Opportunity
The Ancient Science of Time and Number rediscovered. This book discloses the Law of Number as the Supreme Law of the Universe and as the expression of God´s Will to Be in time-space. It defines and presents the Essential Forces of Creation in time-space as distinct numeric patterns. It demonstrates how the Sacred Science of Number has been made "a secret" by individuals who abused it over the past two millennia in order to exalt their own perishable selves, leading to the sore plight of the world as we see it today. The main revelations brought by this book include that of Earth as a Place of Judgment for the entire Solar System and the Scientific Truth of Salvation and Perdition, the Innermost Secret of Qabbalistic "Time-Theft" by Exchange of Inner Time Cycles, the Great Solar Eclipse Cycle of Usurpation of Political Power by the World Priesthood,and Sex as the Highest Mystery of Being. The book reveals the Method of Attunement to the Essential Forces of Creation and Inner Time Re-adjustment.

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