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Dark Tales From Gents' Pens

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Small Category - Cover Contest Only'

Semi Finalist
Dark Tales From Gents' Pens
Where can you find all the suspense, thrills, blood, and gore that reflect the dark underbelly of our world? Where do murder and voodoo curses stand alongside innocents and little children? Where do the kinder, gentler things disappear? Within the tightly crafted stories gathered for your enjoyment by Annie Acorn into Dark Tales From Gents’ Pens!

With their skillfully woven tales, the founding members of From Gents’ Pens, a cooperative of award-winning contemporary male writers, have forged a unique collection of stories that are sure to please those who enjoy a tingle running up and down their spines, as they face the monsters who no longer linger beneath their beds.


The Halloween Clock by Annie Acorn
The Petrified Girl by Steve Cartwright
The Challenge of the Killer by Steve Cartwright
The Embalmer’s Apprentice by Steve Cartwright
The Reincarnation of Lou Gehrig by Joe Eliseon
The Horses of Paiute Canyon by D. A. Grady
The Two Hundred by K. Edwin Fritz
Shelter by William D. Prystauk
Ms. Grant by William D. Prystauk
The Dead and the Dying by Ron Shaw

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