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  • Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Young Adult

Hope is safe and the last of the legendary weapons is now in their possession, but at a cost far greater than Emma ever expected.

Henry is gone. Taken from her by the same man who killed her father. Now, William is the only one she has left and he will do anything to ensure he never loses her.

Ciarán, William’s father and fallen guardian turned demon, has released the creatures of Baeldür upon the earth. Goblins and trolls are laying waste to the countryside as the Draugr slowly feed upon the souls of the living. All the while, Ciarán hunts for his son and the woman he loves, knowing he must take her from him before their bond strengthens his son’s powers beyond his own.

Dark magic abounds as Emma and William work to separate the elemental spirits from all the weapons in order to defeat Ciarán and save the essence of life from the pure evil of Pandora’s Box. But even as the bond between Emma and William grows stronger, it is still not enough, and Emma must find the path that will seal their bond and give him the power to destroy his father once and for all.

But finding the path requires Emma to completely accept her past and embrace every choice she’s made. Even those resulting in heartache and death…

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