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Pennies From Across the Veil

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Fantasy'

3rd Place 2015
Pennies From Across the Veil
The seemingly paranormal phenomena recorded in this book, are entirely based on true events.

Pennies From Across the Veil is a love story…about death.

Karl Himmel tells the story to an unknown presence, of how he met, fell in love, and married the woman of his dreams, Jenny Engels. But at the time of the telling, Karl and Jenny find themselves on different sides of the veil - the separation we call DEATH.

But even death cannot stop true love.

Powerful signs come to those from loved ones who have passed. They can be found everywhere. We just need to look for them. The most significant for Karl and Jenny was the finding of numerous wheat-back pennies. However, could there have been many others, and did these signs have a deeper meaning?

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