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The Children of Cain - House of Dvanaesti

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Horror'

3rd Place 2015
The Children of Cain - House of Dvanaesti
Gabriel Hawthorne never chose an easy life – his days investigating some of the filthiest secrets, personal and political, have marked him out. But every man has his limit, and when Gabriel stumbles onto the biggest skeleton in human history’s closet, he must find a way to survive. Hunted by legendary beings many call “vampires” and held in prison-sanctuary by a mythical cult of information, will Gabriel wriggle out of this ancient struggle alive or be just another victim of the longest war of human history? Children of Cain is rich and coldly thrilling, dripping with charisma and polished smooth in delivery. The tone is slight and subtle with a backdrop of terror and a touch of modern Noir in a story pulled from Christian mythology. It’s a flavorsome mix and well worth a look as a vampire, supernatural, and political thriller alike. You might be surprised just where the rabbit hole takes you.

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