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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Mystery & Detective'

In September 1959, someone is out for revenge against a young L.A. PI who has to travel outside the country and his own comfort zone to discover the secret life of Ian Fleming and stop a nuclear threat to Europe that remained classified until 2012.

SPYFALL. Has our past been already changed? How would we know?
• Goldeneye – Ian Fleming’s Jamaican retreat where all Bond books were written.
• Ska & Bob Marley – Precursor of the Twist and Reggae.
• Hiller Flying Platform – Tested and used by both the US Army and the Office of Naval Research, you can view this device in action on the internet.
• U-2 flights over U.S.S.R. – May 1st, 1960 the soviets shot down Francis Gary Powers and brought back the chill to the cold war.
• Paris – City of Light, Disneyland for Adults and site of the proposed Peace Summit, cancelled after the U-2 incident.
• Boris Karloff – Sweet guy.
• Gitmo – A little piece of American culture in Cuba’s south end. Nice, rocky beaches; very few crowds.
• Mickey Cohen – Dapper, diminutive and deadly L.A. gangster.
• Ben Hur – The most expensive movie made to date - $14 million – released 11/18/1959.
• Frank Gorshin – Intense actor who became a riddle to television viewers, old chum.
• Errol Flynn – Hollywood heartthrob who would suffer a heart attack and die a few weeks after the events told here.
• Elvis Presley – Another heartthrob who would later yearn to be a Federal investigator.
• Whirlybirds & Bob Gilbreth – Passed away in copter crash while fighting forest fire two years after the events of this story.
• John Steinbeck – Author who travelled with Charlie.
• Vogelsang – Site of Europe’s nuclear-missile crisis. One of the Cold War’s best-kept secrets, until files were de-classified in 2012.
• Taser – A later version of Norman’s Tingler.

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