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Humanity Lost

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Science Fiction'

Semi Finalist
Humanity Lost
It is the Year 2038, The New Era, it is a time where the world has become a paradise.
Violence, war, hate and crime is no more. The earth is now one big sphere full of happiness and good will, all thanks to a suppressant that increases Mankinds good nature to one another and obedience to authority while suppressing everything else.
Eva, a beautiful and compassionate young woman has a secret. She is immune to the substance and has what no one else does, freewill.
Freewill, the only crime. Immunities are criminals in The New Era and are tracked by The System, an Agency funded by the Government.
One day, unexpected by her, Eva meets Bishop, a mysterious and strangely immune young man. From that moment, her life and The New Era will never be the same again.

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