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African Safari with Ted and Raymond

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Children's Books'

"The friends are about to embark on an African safari. They create a list and pack supplies; Ted makes sure to include a safety kit! They find their way to the airport, pass security, and board the plane where a map is shown to indicate Africa's location.
Children are given a few facts about each animal. Teachers may want to use as a read-aloud introduction to a science unit on animals or as an opportunity to study African culture. Parents can employ the book as an introduction to what will happen when the family travels by air."
"African Safari with Ted and Raymond, two frog friends, is a great book packed full of fantastic illustrations!
The cutest drawing is the one with the native frogs dancing and playing the drums. As I turn pages, my little 10 yr. old niece leans over the sofa and laughs out loud, "They look like people with frog heads." Then she reaches for her little red notebook to write down a few facts about animals and the country of Africa. Very informative and lots of fun!"

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