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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Psychological'

2nd Place 2016
Swell is a seminal tale of obsession, isolation and control with intimations of sexual deviance. Themes develop quickly, swelling with connotations and implications while Rivenrod's masterful command of language conjures compelling imagery of suburbia’s suffocating orderliness: small town prejudice: the ferocious terror of war: the intimacies of a mother's relationship with her only child.

It may well be true that a nondescript, tiresomely uncomplicated man is found dead in an isolated hut in the middle of a car park by a voluptuous though sexually innocent young woman who was convinced he would be her saviour. The evidence might suggest his death was caused by the unbearable heat of the day but then again it may not be quite so simple. It is entirely possible that nothing about this man, and the story of his life, is as it seems.

(Be cautious of your first impressions because only upon reaching the end will you see whether you are right to believe what you think you know.)

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