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Rhythm For Sale

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Biography & Autobiography'

Rhythm For Sale
The biography "Rhythm For Sale" is about Leonard Harper the greatest Harlem Renaissance producer ever. I used for the backdrop a photograph of the Nest Club which was located in Harlem during it's great Jazz age Renaissance. The Nest nightclub was small compared to the other well known nightspots that my grandfather Produced and Staged floor-shows in like The Cotton Club or Connie's Inn. The Nest club was where real live gangsters brushed up with movie stars like Franchot Tone, Burgess Meredith and his mom and white bandleader Paul Whiteman. The owners of the Nest Club were two (mulatto) light skinned black men, one of the owners could be seen on a regular basis with his hands on his girlfriend's shapely hindquarters and her name was famous Hollywood film icon Mae West. Harper's Chorus line were decked out in skimpy bird outfits and they shook the feathers off their butts as part of the routine.

The woman in the picture is Louise "Jota" Cook (She moved her stomach like a monkey on a stick. Just like what you would see in a Medicine show), and she was a headline dancer in many Leonard Harper productions. The picture of Ms. Cook is a backstage publicity photo from when she appeared in Harper's "Hot Chocolates'" (1929) on Broadway with Fats Waller & Louis Armstrong where the songs "Ain't Misbehavin" & "Black And Blue" were first introduced. You can view her dancing on one of my video uploads because she dances in the first Black Taking film that Leonard Harper Co-Directed with Oscar Micheaux.

I added the light brown images of the enlarged Saxophone in the front and the piano keys on top to enhance the nightclub flair. Louise "Jota" Cook's imagine is a perfect reflection of a ghost which symbolizes that although those days have gone by the characters within "Rhythm For Sale" live on and come to life within the pages of my book.

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