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Jack Lives Here

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Historical'

3rd Place 2016
Jack Lives Here
Somewhere North of February, 2001 and South of the border...

Lulu has an overactive mind, and a tendency to say what she thinks. A girl burning with questions. When she suspects that an author writing under the pseudonym James Carousel for the New Yorker is actually Jack Kerouac, who is not dead but alive and well and living in the fry pan heat of Baja Mexico, she sets out find him. Finally face to face with the elusive author, she convinces him to go On The Road one last time in a bizarre and perilous journey to discover whether truth is as important as belief.

Jack Lives Here is a contemporary ode to Jack Kerouac and the beat generation, full of madness and longing and characters hungry for meaning.

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