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Tales of Crime & Violence

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Crime'

Tales of Crime & Violence
This remarkable three volume collection encompasses numerous and varied stories of acts and deeds of crime and violence.

Paul White has once again woven his masterly spell of intrigue into each stories plot.

Secrecy, scheming, plotting and conspiracy live hand in hand with outrageous and shocking violence, viciousness and brutality.

All three volumes of ‘Tales of Crime & Violence’ are packed with carnage and bloodshed and mayhem, while an ominous sense of sinister, physiological apprehension lingers in the dark shadows.

Tales of Crime & Violence is available in three paperback volumes or as a compleat 'box-set' on Kindle.

Tales of Crime & Violence contains graphic acts of violence, profanities and sexual reference. It is not recommended for reading for those under adult age.

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