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The Children of Cain

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Horror'

Semi Finalist
After ten years of political dirt-digging, Gabriel Hawthorne was accustomed to unearthing all the usual skeletons. But this time, the skeletons are covered in the inhuman flesh of vampires who have walked the earth for almost as long as man has. An ancient and secret society dedicated to the destruction of the vampires, and finally possessing the technology to realize that purpose, forces its own demands upon Gabriel: He can be a willing prisoner or unwilling sacrifice to their cause. And after the brutal murder of his friend and business associate, as well as the attempts on his own life by friend and foe, Gabriel learns there are fates far more worse than death. Children of Cain is rich and coldly thrilling, dripping with charisma and polished smooth in delivery. The tone is slight and subtle with a backdrop of terror and a touch of modern Noir in a story pulled from Christian mythology. It’s a flavorsome mix and well worth a look as a vampire, supernatural, and political thriller alike. You might be surprised just where the rabbit hole takes you.

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