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The Return Of Akivasha

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Fantasy'

They're things even monsters fear...
When a mighty barbarian king entered an ancient crypt to secure the sacred ‘Heart of Ahriman’ he unknowingly broke an eon’s long curse. A vile evil had been awakened in the form of a beautiful female vampire, Akivasha. Conan had encountered this woman wandering the black hallways and thought she was a priestess or slave, thinking she was leading him out he allowed himself to be led to her alcove where she confessed her love for him. He was stirred but when she bit him the mighty barbarian spurned her! She laughed, telling him who she was and as the Cimmerian ran from her she chased him through the hallways laughing in anticipation of love finally fulfilled. When he saw several priests in a secret conclave arguing with hooded assassins the mighty barbarian watched in fascination as the two groups slaughtered each other. When the final priest was slain one assassin remained and Conan killed the man and reclaimed the Heart of Ahriman. To the Cimmerians horror the Heart had revived a long dead sorcerer. This Thothmekri was an ancient wizard of incredible power, but the spell was incomplete leaving the sorcerer unsure of himself. Conan seizing the moment had the undead sorcerer lead him out of the black pyramid and to freedom. Akivasha had hid in the shadows watching all that unfolded. Her undead heart skipped a beat as she watched the barbarian leave the pyramid. Her evil mind formed a plan to get the Cimmerian bravo for herself and it involved not only the undead sorcerer but mighty Stygia as well.

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