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Apocalypse Orphan

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Alternative History'

Apocalypse Orphan.jpg
Some two hundred miles above Earth, Commander Orlando Iron Wolf is ready to complete his final orbit of the day aboard the International Space Station. As he peers out the window and counts down the minutes until his shift ends, he suddenly sees a blinking light in the distance. Wolf has no idea that what he is seeing is a rogue comet headed straight on a collision course with Earth. Now it is up to him to try to stop it before the planet is destroyed.

As NASA frantically moves the Hubble, Wolf is assigned to travel on the Atlantis shuttle to observe the comet. As the world prepares to save as many people as possible, Wolf ignores his foreboding feelings and heads toward the comet, where his mission inevitably fails and he is placed in suspended animation. Now cryogenically frozen, Wolf is watched through the centuries by an onboard computer. When Wolf is finally released from the comet's grip, thousands of years have passed, the earth has been fractured into two nearly identical planets, and humankind has reverted to living amid medieval times.

In this exciting science fiction tale, a man must use his newly discovered superpowers and the female voice of a computer to stem the oppressive tide of those who want nothing more than to see him-and the future-annihilated forever.

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