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Etiam Tu: Eradicating Hatred

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Cover in category: 'Non-Fiction' > 'Philosophy'

Etiam Tu: Eradicating Hatred
Etiam Tu: Eradicating Hatred is the first definitive position of the philosophy of Etiam Tu. It at once reflects the core values of the philosophy and addresses the most volatile element in human interpersonal interaction and required coexistence. It expresses the absolute necessity of addressing humanity's eminent peril caused by the various forms of hate-filled influence and hateful actors, intensifying each persons risk of encounter with assault or affronts, as we prosecute each day. Etaim Tu's essential basis in the past lessons and truths given to mankind throughout the ages leading to the current real-time, is intended to be a reiteration of these messages and truths to awaken mankind to become cognizant of the issue it is facing in Hatreds wide spread influence on the direction societal evolution has taken, and the need for concerted efforts to be made to counteract and redirect its path towards peace,freedom, equality and prosperity. In all, the subject presenting the most immediate threat and in need of most rapid correct, Hatred's Eradication most take top consideration. This volume is the first of a series to define the tenets of Etiam Tu to shift the paradigm of existence towards a more Utopian reality. Eradicating Hatred identifies and explains the dangers presented by Hatred and their threat to our continued and long term existence. All of this is done in light of the goals for humanity spelled out by Etiam Tu.

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