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Sing The Blues

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Horror'

Sing The Blues is a collection of short horror stories in the genres of sci-fi, paranormal and dystopia. There is also a spattering of humour throughout the collection just to lighten the mood ;)
Money, selfishness, exhibitionism and revenge all play a role. However, demons shadow their every move just waiting for that fatal mistake.
Examples of the stories within include a breeding program that occurs on this planet run by an alien species. Could escape be possible for both master and slave? Another story focuses on the life and crimes of a misogynist and how he eventually learns that maybe he shouldn't have used all those women in his life.
Or maybe, you'll like the story of a revengeful female ghost committed to searching out the relatives of those who drove her employers to hell. She loves to play games and she usually wins. Wolves parade a local 'drinking' hole outside a city. They're looking for prey to take home to the Alpha. But which unsuspecting victims will they choose?
Another story follows the life of a female as she ruins yet another relationship. But why does she behave this way?
Where you find death, you may find sex also; they are intricately linked for many. But, can you be really sure that their souls are screaming in pleasure or in pain?

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