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Darkest Dawn

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Erotica'

Darkest Dawn
Society is beginning to fracture, those that believe and those that decide to continue living in ignorance. It is up to the Paranormal Investigatory Secret Service to restore the balance and create a safe haven for all.

Jess has finally come to terms with who she is and that she is finally home. Surrounded by those she loves she has become the leader of the Daughters and accepted Death as her father. Her biggest trial is yet to come in the shape of her new found pregnancy and her ability to keep her family safe. As each day passes Reuban becomes even more protective of his mate and child, much to Jess' annoyance. Their relationship is about to go one step further in a world that isn't ready for them.

The Fate of the future is in the hands of Adam a child that is destined to die and the reason Jess has exposed herself to the World. Adam knows he is important but until he realises who he is, his life will be judged by Death. The truth is locked in a family secret that will rock the lives of the ones he loves.

Finally the Darkness is clearing and the brightness is shining through.

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