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Certosnia The Season of Tribulations

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Cover in category: 'Fiction' > 'Psychological'

Certosnia The Season of Tribulations
The journey to enlightenment has always been perilous. But after Ingrid Vãduvã meets an eccentric artist Alyssa Michaels and a photographer Tsukiko Fujioka; she discovers an unfinished painting in the loft that reminds of the daydream she created; she becomes convinced that one or both maybe be Pamela Holland reincarnated. Intrigued by their bohemian lifestyle; she takes another step toward understanding humanity itself. The dark autumn whisper of old Ingrid appears on the horizon and begins to the write the next tragedy of her life and as the season’s change it becomes a fight for survival?
Elizabeth Khyler goes for a drive, but after a freak rain storm and a crash down the mountain; she finds herself the unwilling hostage of a religious zealot, Benjamin Lott. Cold, hungry and severely injured, Liz plans a daring escape. But with her location unknown she must attempt to navigate back to Colorado Springs using only the stars as her guild. But her captors are just as determine and will stop at nothing to prevent her escape.
Kelly Holland has always had insight when it comes to people around her. But this autumn she hears the wind song of death and she immediately thinks of Liz and the autumn curse. Fearing the worse she cancels a recording session in New York City and heads back to Colorado Springs. But after boarding a flight in Memphis Tennessee, the coldness of death grips her, and as the pilots desperately fight the dying aircraft to return to the runway; Kelly’s convinced she’s seen her own demise and will never see Liz again.

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