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This is a collection of poems that are heart-wrung and soul-filtered.
Poetry commands the singular ability to lay one prostrate and bare before the reader, giving safe refuge to words and thoughts of depth excavated from crevices yet explored deep within the poet. I find no other form of writing to be so utterly and beautifully invasive.
The poems that follow are my second collection of published poetry. My initial traverse into the
purest of all literature, poetry, Without From Within, has surpassed my greatest expectations. It has been well-received. I’m humbled by the praise it continues to garner from readers worldwide. I’m delighted many have found favor with my poems and the photographs contained within the book. I see no reason to alter what has been a successful combination of poetry and photography. Hopefully, each offering will please your senses as well as touch your emotions. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a poem speaks volumes.
I hope you will enjoy TraVerses: Poems by Ron Shaw as well as the photographs presented by my brother-in-law, J. Robert Sosby.

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